21 Awesome Designer Workspaces

by / Thursday, 19 September 2013 / Published in General, Graphic Design, Social Media, Tech, Technology

As a designer you spend a lot of time working. Whether it is drawing, planning, designing or writing, you do spend a lot of time at your workspace. Therefore making it unique, keeping it clean and having only the necessary equipment at hand is very important. Clutter doesn’t make you productive and therefore it is advised to keep your desk clear of it. I decided to share some of the latest and greatest workspaces to grace the internet. Each is hand-picked by me and credited accordingly.

These workspaces were chosen for their creative setups and modern minimalism. Yes, there is a lot of Apple products here, but who are we kidding…most designers favor Mac’s over Pc’s because of their minimalism. It does look like I’m advertising Apple, but I still haven’t converted to Apple after all these years, so let’s jump in and take a look at what is below.

1-Eddie-Lobanovskiy2-Kreativa-Studio3-Kerem-Suer4-Mike-Busby5-Vilen6-ben-crane7-roman-zapotichnyl8-art-addict9-matt-scribner10-mateusz-dembek11-han-wang12-ludovic-fauchet13-callum-chapman14-per-vestman15-buatoom16-andreas-ubbe-dall17-will-silveira18-thlemo-gillissen19-michael-sharandaSONY DSC21-timothy