4 Ways to attract traffic to your website

by / Thursday, 10 October 2013 / Published in General, Social Media, Technology

4 Ways to attract traffic to your website

Website-Traffic2For a web designer there is nothing more important than attracting visitors to your site, without visitors even the most beautiful website will soon be forgotten. In this article we have compiled a list of four ways in which you can attract more traffic to your website.


1. Twitter, Facebook….Social media is your friend

People are spending more and more time on social networking platforms and if you are a not utilizing this goldmine then you are really missing out on a lot of potential traffic. Remember the more followers you have on sites such as Twitter the more likely you are to bring traffic on your website.  Another great way of using Social media platforms is to have a CTA button allowing users to share or like your content.

2. Headings are 50% of the job

Remember you only have about 10 seconds to grab the visitors attention, this is why headings are just as important as the content in your paragraphs, if people find the heading to be boring chances are they will ignore the content.

Make the reader want to figure out just what follows in the paragraphs, for the heading to be interesting the wording needs to be attention grabbing, use words such as now, secret, magic. The next time you sit down to write a header remember that the more attractive it is the more likely it is that visitors will actually read the content.

3. Keywords are really important

Did you know that 80% of visitors find a website through keywords, if you want your website or blog to show up on the first page of google then you need to make sure that you have done your keyword research. In other words figure out what keywords similar websites are using and then make sure you are also using these.

4. Don’t forget there is an offline world as well

While many website designers and owners tell all their twitter followers or Facebook friends about their website they often forget that there is a world offline as well. What I mean is tell everyone and their dog about your great endeavor.

Networking is very important as it can help you go from a nobody to a somebody if you just meet the right people.

So there you have it, the next time you are working on a website and wondering where all the traffic is, try using these simple tips for more website traffic.