5 Ways to Ensure Your Business Card Sticks Out

by / Thursday, 11 July 2013 / Published in General, Graphic Design, Technology


Head to any local networking event and you’re bound to get dozens of business cards handed to you throughout the night— as well as hand out a few yourself. But what makes your business card stand out from the rest of the pile? Whether you decide to go the route of printing plastic cards for less potential clients who are super-special in addition to the typical mass cards, or create a really unique new shape for your old paper card you’re used to handing out, there are simple ways to make sure your offering gets followed up with, not thrown in the trash.

1. Make Your Card Useful


If you make a business card more than a business card, such as a coupon, scratch card or event ticket, you’ve built in a meaningful call to action already, says Entrepreneur.com. Designing the card this way may be more expensive, but the return on investment comes when the client acknowledges you for your creativity and resourcefulness.

2. Add a Face to the Name


Consider putting your picture on a business card to make you even more memorable. Many people out there are terrible at remembering people’s names. However, most of those people are great at remembering faces and will make that connection. This doesn’t have to be a cheesy business portrait, either. A cool sketch of your face is another great way to make yourself memorable without looking like an old-fashion salesperson.

3. Add a Graphic Design


By having a memorable graphic design or logo on the business card, you and your company will really stand out from the pack, suggests SBA.gov. Cool logos and designs are almost as memorable as people’s faces, and sometimes this subtle connection is even more helpful when it comes to someone calling you for work. Carefully strategize the image you’re going to display to prospective clients and make sure it aligns with your brand’s message. Don’t just throw up a random piece of clip art, especially if it doesn’t relate to your business.

4. Emboss that Card


By raising or lowering letters, business cards will take on a very cool and enjoyable feel for anyone who touches them, making them memorable to other senses. Besides being enjoyable to touch, these business cards will also stand out from a distance, drawing people toward them due to their 3D qualities and their overall classy look, says DesignFestival.com. While embossing requires a thicker stock of paper or plastic (making the cards more expensive), the cost may come back quickly through the work you’ll gain due to your snazzy cards.

5. Colors and Texture


Different colors on a business card will make it stand out from all the rest, as well. Most business cards are white or off-white colors, but a card that is a mellow orange, green or blue will really help someone identify it from all the others they receive. Also, having an interesting texture, such as a rough linen or denim texture, makes the card different than the smooth business cards most people are used to feeling. A card that’s made of a different material, such as leather or metal, is sometimes even more appealing.