NW Arkansas: Growing hot spot for the arts

Monday, 04, February , 2013 by

I remember my reaction when I was sixteen years old and my mom told me we were moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas from where I had grown up all my life, the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My first thought was that image of a quintessential small town in the movies with maybe fifty people altogether,  with all the

Is your smile healthy?

Friday, 01, February , 2013 by

soBEso is working with a client in NWA for website, marketing, and social media. I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. John Bain, who owns Dental Implants & Smiles in Farmington, AR. He is concerned with health in all aspects of life. Knowing him has broadened my education on so many levels. I appreciate

so BE social

Wednesday, 23, January , 2013 by

So for some people it is hard to be social.. it is like jumping into freezing cold water.. you don’t want to do it, you know you will be frigid and it will take forever to warmup… and the lightest breeze and you just know you will freeze solid.. sound familiar? Yep that’s me in

Promoted Posts: Your new best friend!

Monday, 21, January , 2013 by

You may have noticed that your posts aren’t reaching as many people as they used to. For instance, check out this screenshot: we have over 2K fans on soBEso’s fanpage and our latest post reached only 94 of them. There are a few factors that contribute, time of day, how many fans logged in that

Victoria’s Secret and Survivors

Friday, 18, January , 2013 by

Early this morning I ran across an article that hit home for me. There is a young woman, Allana Maiden, whose mother is a breast cancer survivor and who has undergone a double Mastectomy.  Throughout the article the young woman explains how her mother has to travel more than an hour away to shop for

A Must: Email Marketing

Monday, 14, January , 2013 by

Should I use email marketing for my business? How is it effective? If these are questions you’ve asked yourself, we have a few answers! Check this out… In the past year: 96% of those who used email marketing in holiday marketing reported their campaigns were successful, with 54% reporting extremely or very successful campaigns. Retailers

Technology and Fitness

Friday, 11, January , 2013 by

According to FITDAY, there are four ways in which you can use technology to enhance daily workout routines. Those four methods include (1) Listening to Your iPod, (2) Heart Rate Monitors, (3) Tracking Distance and Pace and (4) Plan Your Workouts. As a regular runner I find this article to be true. Recently I received

Startups, This Is How Design Works

Thursday, 10, January , 2013 by

I recently came across this well written article focusing on graphic design and start ups.  The Author of this particular article has quoted Dieter Rams’, which many graphic designers instantly connect with having written the 10 commandments of Graphic Design. This portion was particularly important to me because I know as a designer I have

Remember the Facebook Timeline changes some users started to notice in December? The ones that include a row of fresh options at the top of the page, below your picture, and the banishment of “Maps” and thumbnail images? Well, the changes appear to be rolling out for all Facebook users in New Zealand, where it’s already Wednesday. And they

Local Trade Partners Christmas Trade Show

Friday, 30, November , 2012 by

soBEso will be an exhibitor at the annual local trade partner Christmas Trade Show & Member Appreciation Party. The show will be Sunday, December 2, 2012 at the Fayetteville Town Center! We look forward to seeing ALL the Local Trade members at the event!