Facebook is growing like a weed in Pakistan. In fact, the social networking service just broke the 9 million user mark — an especially impressive feat considering it only reached 8 million users earlier this year. One million users in half a year isn’t bad, and it suggests that Facebook could cross the 10 million

A few weeks back we were watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) and then the following came on: At first it looked like it was part of SNL.  Then it became clear – it wasn’t.  It was a GE commercials brilliant use of social media.    It was a thoroughly entertaining and clever use of Agent Smith and

A Showcase of Flat Design Websites

Thursday, 16, May , 2013 by

Less is more. Minimalism in design has become a popular trend today especially in UI design for websites. Characterized mostly by minimalist and flat colors and icons, flat design promotes a clean user interface that is clear and easy to understand. While some people just didn’t like it, saying it is boring,  more and more

Social media facts for 2013! Social Media networks were a novelty 5 years ago and today they are no longer debated around the dinner party table. The conversation has moved on. Facebook is now part of most people’s web lives, Twitter is where a lot of people are reading the breaking news and if you

Is your mobile website responsive?

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If you’ve got a website for your business or are ready for a revamp of your current site, have you looked into creating a site visitors can access on their smartphones and tablets that’s responsive? No? Not sure it’s worth it to adapt to the latest technology? I’ve got another question for you. Do you

The Rules of Engagement: 3 Tips to Hook your Social Media Audience According to statistics released by Facebook last August, the website enjoys over 37,000 comments and “likes” every second. That level of interaction should be enough to prove there are a lot of people using the website, giving it the potential to be a

Marketers took advantage of April Fools’ Day to appeal to customers’ sense of humor with promotional pranks through social media. April Fools’ Day was canceled this year by the Presidential Commission on National Holidays. If you believed this nonsense — even for a fraction of a moment — that’s the main reason so many marketers

Ready for the Ultimate Twitter Showdown? Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style are two of the biggest topics on youtube and twitter right now.  So Ghergich and Co. decided to see who was on top. Using twitter data Ghergich and Co. analyzed and compared the first 30 days (after the launch) of The Harlem Shake &

Content to Discussion – Social Marketing

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If you need to build a content marketing strategy, there is a simple approach that you can take, which will enable you to take your business to the next level. Start blogging Before you can blog (or offer any content, for that matter), you need to determine who your target audience is and to figure

Social Media Predictions for 2013

Monday, 11, March , 2013 by

 FACEBOOK’S MONETIZATION DRIVE WILL PROVIDE NEW, RICHER ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES FOR BRANDS The Facebook newsfeeds we will see at the end of next year will look very different from the ones we see now. We will see the rise of bigger, bolder, more interactive – and intrusive – Facebook advertisements in 2013. It was only a