Facebook for Business: Be Social

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Be Social: Using Facebook for Business Articles, Infographic July 2, 2013 It comes as no surprise that almost everyone is on a social media site like Facebook. Having a social media presence is a necessity for all businesses – from freelancers to large corporations. Today, an online presence is an important part of marketing one’s

Facebook is growing like a weed in Pakistan. In fact, the social networking service just broke the 9 million user mark — an especially impressive feat considering it only reached 8 million users earlier this year. One million users in half a year isn’t bad, and it suggests that Facebook could cross the 10 million

Simple design, the often misunderstood.

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The Problem with Simple As web designers it’s always tempting to add more and not be simple. We all know that ‘less is more’ but in practice it’s not always easy. This can be made harder when working for clients. On occasion it’s been known to hear the dreaded; I could have designed that in

Designers’ Desks – Personal Inspiration

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What is creativity? Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas and new connections between ideas, and ways to solve problems in any field or realm of our lives. Many of us think of creativity as making something new—like a new song, poem, painting, or novel. Creativity is certainly involved in making art. However, creativity

A few weeks back we were watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) and then the following came on: At first it looked like it was part of SNL.  Then it became clear – it wasn’t.  It was a GE commercials brilliant use of social media.    It was a thoroughly entertaining and clever use of Agent Smith and

A Showcase of Flat Design Websites

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Less is more. Minimalism in design has become a popular trend today especially in UI design for websites. Characterized mostly by minimalist and flat colors and icons, flat design promotes a clean user interface that is clear and easy to understand. While some people just didn’t like it, saying it is boring,  more and more

Social media facts for 2013! Social Media networks were a novelty 5 years ago and today they are no longer debated around the dinner party table. The conversation has moved on. Facebook is now part of most people’s web lives, Twitter is where a lot of people are reading the breaking news and if you

Is your mobile website responsive?

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If you’ve got a website for your business or are ready for a revamp of your current site, have you looked into creating a site visitors can access on their smartphones and tablets that’s responsive? No? Not sure it’s worth it to adapt to the latest technology? I’ve got another question for you. Do you

10 Ingenious Furniture Designs Made With 3D Printing The amazing versatility and dynamism of 3D printing has captured the imagination of designers, tech enthusiasts, and tinkerers throughout the world.  In the past year, it has become the most talked about topic on the web, and its potential impact on the future of our society is

Anyone who’s up on technology has heard of mobile web design and content marketing—two terms used with increasing frequency in the online world.   Can mobile design and a great content marketing strategy be combined without sacrificing either content or design elements? Or does the content of a website suffer because of the restrictions imposed