Adapting to the digital economy

Thursday, 26, September , 2013 by

Most organizations are failing to grasp the impact of digital and simply not adapting fast enough to the emerging post industrial economy. The web has changed the rules of business. The best practices of the industrial economy no longer apply in the digital age. What was once safe ground is no longer so, and organizations

Why 99% of Marketing Fails

Thursday, 22, August , 2013 by

Marketing fail, if you don’t follow some basic rules it’s bound to happen. In order to operate a successful business, you need to be completely tuned in to your customers’ needs. Often, marketing efforts seem to miss the mark when it comes to reaching their target. There are several things that many businesses are guilty

We are living in an era where the internet is the star. Everything we do each day is has something to do with the internet. We are certain that majority of the people go online every day to share something, learn something and ask something. Instead of going to libraries for research, you can merely

Psychology of Color – A Breakdown

Thursday, 13, June , 2013 by

The Psychology of Color What Is Color? When you’re selecting colors for a project do you always consider the psychology and emotional impact of the hues you use? In 1666, English scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when pure white light passes through a prism, it separates into all of the visible colors. Newton also