Why 99% of Marketing Fails

by / Thursday, 22 August 2013 / Published in General, Social Media, Tech, Technology, Uncategorized

Marketing fail, if you don’t follow some basic rules it’s bound to happen.


In order to operate a successful business, you need to be completely tuned in to your customers’ needs. Often, marketing efforts seem to miss the mark when it comes to reaching their target. There are several things that many businesses are guilty of that cause 99% of their marketing to end in failure. If you want your business to succeed, avoid making these common marketing blunders that makes marketing fail:

Lack of Comprehension
Unfortunately, more often than not, businesses don’t take the time to proactively comprehend what their customers want and need. It isn’t until sales have already sunk that they try to figure this out. Most businesses refuse to take the time to understand their customers since relying on assumptions is easier and more convenient. A survey attached to some sort of incentive is a great way to get the information that will bolster your marketing efforts and save your business.

Lack of Planning
You don’t need to have a perfect plan, but you do need a good one. Your plan should include setting reasonable goals, measuring progress, and gaining an understanding of your target customer and where marketing opportunities exist. Once you have an outline of these things, you can get creative, but stay close to the path to your target customers. Rolling with the punches is not a good plan if you’d like positive results.

Lack of Message
One of the most important things you can do in marketing is develop a clear and concise message that you’d like to deliver to your customers. This is something that must remain consistent and be compelling to the target audience. Consider Wal-mart’s consistent messaging about low prices. Everyone knows that Wal-mart is synonymous with savings, because that has always been what they pitched without any change or inconsistency. Pick your message and stick with it.

Lack of Response
Rather than being aware of and responding to sticky issues, many businesses think they can roll over it with more marketing. Substantial issues must be noticed and responded to with appropriate changes. Ignoring issues with your product or service is the perfect way to eliminate your business from the competition. Make changes and stay in the game!

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